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Welcome on Rosatori Pages

Allow me to welcome you to the website of Rosatori. The company offers a holistic approach to business with an emphasis on individual articles from its supporting training and development of individual personalities of the team solutions and consulting services when searching for business opportunities. The company's mission is to promote individual development managers, their personal and professional skills, develop talents, bringing creative solutions to your business.

We support that your employees understand their roles, so that they know which direction to develop to their work and that they have filled the works of joy and all this in order to deliver results to the company.

We are team players and we know what value the excellent team has a strong leader. Individual leadership development coaching is the flagship of our activities. Our credo is to be beneficial to their work of others, work with enthusiasm, to observe a balanced lifestyle. and to focus on results leading to excellence. Development of intuition and creativity are the key moments of our work.

Your successful business it is our mission. Your success is our fulfillment.

Roman Sandrik, PhD.
coach and mentor
CEO and founder of the company