Our profile

profiling the company dates back to 2000, when after many years carieer as coaching manager in international companies I have deeper and deeper aware that the most important thing companies have available to them are their people. Lifelong learning and the search for an effective approach for the development of personalities form the company profile Rosatori, which helps in this area.


Our mission

Our mission is to help people achieve both their goals and expectations, to overcome obstacles, to assist them in dealing with major life situation, enabling them to be helpful in filling their life journey and lifelong learning.

Our vision

Having a vision means to have dreams. Have dreams is a challenge for their fulfillment and fulfillment of dreams is good to know the current status. Here is a challenge for the critical thinking, self-reflection. We want to be there help in finding solutions and resouces, we want to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for our clients in finding solutions and the optimal path of attaining the objectives. We develop that Rosatori company  been associated with trust, confidence and recognition.

Our values

Each human beeing  is unique and this is the crucial value. Top values are respect, tolerances, freedom of choice.

Our tools

We work with the whole personality with an emphasis on humanistic approach to personality using principles of adult education and recognized coaching schools. Our approach is based on the principles of lifelong learning and working with tools and a school accredited by ICF and EMCC code of ethics.