Why coaching?

Coaching since its inception in ancient times has undergone several phases. From philosophy, through education, sport to business. There currently found a special prize and the right coaching enjoys great popularity. Mainly because coaching brings obvious changes during the application, it has the reputation as "an effective and powerful tool." Coaching brings new insights, new perspetívy, but coaching also brings the pleasure of changes, coaching brings joy and ultimately happiness in life and work coaching.


Where is coaching the most effective

In companies and corporations is effective in achieving the objectives place, motivation, change management, for new challenges, solving communication problems, the development of managerial competencies, stress management, personal development, etc.. Another important area is to achieve balance between work performance and private and social life. It is an excellent tool in achieving balance "Work - Health - Relationships." Results are satisfied creating happy employees and mainly functioning teams.

In personal life finds its application in solving complex life situations to solve personal problems, relationship problems and life stages, when a person is facing an important decision?


The speciality of the coaching?

It is in coachee relationship with the coach. Coach leads by asking questions of his client, to think, to speculate weigh up and finding solutions. The coach does not bring a solution in search of a coach leads aa uncovering new potentials and resources. Coach works on the basis of their knowledge and competence. Coach at his work governed by ethics codex of  ICF, EMCC, or other association which covers professional coaches.